Easter Inspired Makeup: 5 Cute Looks

Clare Cherry

Posted on April 15 2019

Easter Inspired Makeup: 5 Cute Looks

With an array of chocolate eggs filling the shops, yellow daffodils in full bloom, and pastel hues gradually creeping their way into our wardrobes, it can only mean one thing: Easter is coming. To celebrate its return, beauty gurus are getting into the spirit by showing off their Easter themed beauty creations - and we’re not just talking about a pop of yellow eyeshadow. This year, the Easter inspired makeup looks are bigger and better than ever, here are 5 of the cutest looks.

The Easter Inspired Makeup Trend

For years, beauty gurus and makeup addicts have been creating Easter inspired makeup looks which keep getting better and better. This year, creativity has been taken up a notch as an array of gorgeously cute looks have been created to welcome spring. From pastels to bright lips, there are so many ways to play around for Easter.

Bunny Brows

It may seem crazy, but Easter eyebrows are now a thing, and they are super cute. Perfect for an Easter Sunday dinner with friends or family, this Easter inspired makeup look really does make you want to embrace your inner bunny.

Whether you opt for a simple bunny ear design or a more elaborate Easter egg hunt, it is time to get creative with your brows this easter. To achieve this simple yet super cute look, draw your fleeky brows on as per usual, then draw two small bunny ears on the top of your brow using a white and pink liner. Wear with a gorgeous pink smokey eye to tie the whole look together.

Easter Eyelids

If you have a seriously steady hand, and a creative flair or love for art, then Easter eyelids are the thing to do. From elaborate floral landscapes to simple (yet adorable Easter Bunnies), eyeshadow just got taken to a whole new level for this Easter inspired makeup creation.

Begin with a heavy green shadow on the centre of the lid keeping it to a condensed block, being careful not to blend it too far out (this will resemble a grassy hill). From the crease upwards to the brow bone, create a blue smoke using different colour blues (this will resemble the sky). Using coloured liners, drawer white clouds where you would normally highlight the brow bone. On the line of the green shadow, drawer flowers, ducks or bunnies - or anything Easter for that matter.

Chicken Cheeks

This look is not so subtle and definitely not for the faint-hearted. However, if you love Easter, and creating bold makeup looks, then you should definitely give this Easter inspired makeup look a go.

To achieve, create a bold yellow smokey eye using the brightest yellow you can get hold of. Liner your lower lash line with an orange pencil then smoke out using an orange shadow. Highlight the inner corner using a gold or yellow highlight.

Now for the creative part - using glitter glue, stick mini chicks around the eye and on the cheekbones where you would normally highlight. Next, draw faux freckles over the nose to tie the look together.

Sunday Sparkle

If you fancy something more subtle for your family gathering, then why not simply opt for a splash of yellow eyeshadow with a little something extra. After all, who can resist a sprinkle of glitter?

Create a yellow smokey eye using a blend of bold yellow and orange shadows. Next, apply glitter glue to the centre of the lid then dab on a gold glitter using your finger.

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