Glitter Hen Party

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women enjoying a glitter hen party

Planning A Glitter Hen Party

Whatever style of hen party you choose to have, everything is better with a touch of sparkle! Planning a hen party can be a stressful ordeal and finding something that's both fun and unique can prove difficult.

If you want to find a service that allows you to look and feel fabulous as you party the night away, then look no further. We offer glitter hen party packages to answer all of your party needs.

Why Choose our Glitter Hen Party Package?

We offer glitter hen party packages and come equipped with sparkle, paint, jewels, gold leaf, eyelashes to make your night memorable and special. We also offer this service with biodegradable glitter, for all of the environmentally conscious hens!

So, whether you’re the bride-to-be or the maid of honour planning the night, why not add a touch of sparkle with our glitter hen party package! We also offer a
glitter wedding service if you would like to add a touch of sparkle to your big day!