Biodegradable Glitter FAQ

Is Biodegradable Glitter Really Biodegradable?


Why choose biodegradable glitter? 

Your love of glitter shouldn’t cost the earth, and we believe everyone should be able to enjoy getting glittered up without worrying about the environmental impact. At Wish Upon A Sparkle, our biodegradable glitter is
🌿 Marine and wastewater biodegradable
🌿 Bio glitter is ocean friendly
🌿 It’s made using renewable plant-based materials
🌿None of our bio glitter products (or any of our products) have been tested on animals
🌿 Vegan-friendly product


What is biodegradable glitter made from?

Our bio glitter is primarily made of cellulose, which is found in the cell walls of plants. This material comes from the fibres of a eucalyptus tree which are sustainably farmed from non-GMO plantations, which is one of the fastest growing trees and most readily available on the planet.
This means that using cellulose as a biodegradable glitter option will not put any added strain on the environment.
As well as this, there are also other non-toxic ingredients which coat the cellulose and make it shimmery and sparkly. The best part about using cellulose-based glitter is that it’s completely compostable.
plans based biodegradable glitter

How to tell if glitter is biodegradable? 

The overall aesthetic is very similar between non-plastic and plastic glitter pots, however, there are some key differences. For example, biodegradable glitter is much softer to touch when compared to regular chunky glitter.
Our normal skin safe glitter comes in a mixture of squares, hexagons and shards of hand blended glitter. Our eco-safe glitter is available in hexagonal shapes, which are equally as shimmery and glittery as our standard collections.
vegan eco friendy glitter

What are your biodegradability standards? 

Our glitter passes all of the required testings include Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 [CLP] and European Directive 67/548/EEC. It’s non-toxic, non-flammable, and isn’t known to cause any irritation.
Some people worry about the aluminium content of glitter, but our environmentally friendly glitter contains just 0.1% aluminium. This is a negligible amount of aluminium and is only used to make the biosafe glitter sparkle.
Using our special formula glitter gel to apply your biodegradable chunky glitter is enough to protect your skin from contact. If you regularly come into contact with glitter and are concerned, we would recommend wearing gloves to apply it, although this is more about personal preference than safety.
cruelty free biodegradable glitter

How long does non-plastic glitter take to biodegrade? 

The time it takes for non-plastic glitter to biodegrade can vary depending on the environmental conditions you are in. Biodegradation relies on four components, which are microorganisms, oxygen, heat and water. If you are in an environment where all four components are present, for example on holiday, then this will speed up the process.


Will the glitter biodegrade inside the package?

Your biosafe glitter comes in a screw-top pot, which is airtight and water resistant, so this will not start to compose in the pot. In order for glitter to begin to biodegrade, microorganisms need to be present. So need to worry about your eco-friendly glitter going bad in the pot!

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