The New Summer Trend: Chunky Mermaid Glitter

Clare Cherry

Posted on April 26 2019

blue chunky mermaid glitter

This seasons hottest summer makeup trend forces beauty lovers to immerse themselves in glitter, glitter and more glitter. And this year- it’s bigger and better than ever. As we draw closer to the sunny festival season, glitter makeup is the go-to beauty vibe. From fine pieces of rainbow, to dustings of champagne, glitter is a trend that we always keep coming back to and this year welcomes chunky mermaid glitter with open arms. Here’s how to wear your chunky mermaid glitter.

Chunky Mermaid Glitter and Mixed Metallics

For the ultimate mermaid look, mix your chunky mermaid glitter with metallic shadows. For the best result, use seriously pigment cream shadows and then using your finger, press your chunky glitter into the lid.

Always wear a solid base colour which is closest to your chunky glitter as this will ensure your eye look is as seamless as possible.

To avoid fallout, stick tape underneath your eye as this will help catch excess glitter.

Mermaid Spotlight

Use a cream eyeshadow in whichever mermaid colour you want, as your primary base colour and top it up with a powdered shadow to set it in place. Next, apply glitter glue to the centre of the lid.

Using your finger, dab the chunky mermaid glitter on top of where you have placed the glue. Once all the glitter has dried, use tape to take off any fall out and clean it up.

Inner Corner Sparkle

This look is great for those who are new to glitter and don’t want anything too intense.

Dabbed in the inner corners and/or the centre of each eyelid, this use of chunky mermaid glitter is a unique way to define the eyes instead of liner or mascara.

Bold Highlight

Why use a soft highlighter to brighten up the face when you can use chunky glitter to shine a spotlight on it instead? This look is perfect for the festival season and most definitely makes a fashion statement.

It is super straightforward to achieve. Complete your makeup as usual and once finished, apply glitter glue to the areas you would normally highlight. Using a soft brush or your fingers, apply the chunky mermaid glitter generously.

Mermaid Glitter Eyeliner

If you want to dip your toe into the mermaid trend, rather than jump in head first then a chunky mermaid glitter liner is perfect for you.

Choose a liquid eyeliner that matches the colour of glitter you want to use. Draw your wing on as normal and then once dry, apply glitter glue directly on top ensuring it stays in line with your liner.

Leave the glue to dry slighting before applying your chunky glitter as this will make it easier.

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