Gay Pride Makeup Ideas: Get Creative with Rainbow Glitter Makeup

Clare Cherry

Posted on April 29 2019

rainbow glitter makeup gay pride makeup ideas

With June just around the corner, it can only mean two things: summer is in full swing, and Pride month makeup Prep can begin. From intricate eyeliner, crazy shadows and bold lips, one thing these looks will all have in common is rainbow colours and glitter. Here are some of the most creative ways incorporate rainbows of glitter into your Pride makeup look which are also perfect for festival season, and let’s face it, there’s nothing better than rainbow glitter makeup.

Why Choose Rainbow Glitter Makeup?

The rainbow is used to reflect the diversity of the LGBT community and the flag is often used as a symbol of gay pride during the LGBT rights marches and parade. The use of the rainbow flag first began in San Francisco and is now used worldwide as a celebration of the LGBT community.

The use of glitter within the makeup scene is intimately tied to the long legacy of gay nightlife and performance art, including the intersecting worlds of drag, burlesque and cabaret. So, the combination of rainbow glitter makeup for gay pride is the perfect way to beautifully express.


Rainbow Roots Glitter Hair

One of the most talks about festival hair trends this summer is the glitter roots. Not only is this look super easy to achieve, but it is also super eye-catching and perfect for Gay Pride.

To achieve this rainbow glitter makeup look, brush your hair into a middle parting and generously spray hairspray over the root section. Sprinkle any coloured glitter of your choice however, this look works best if you opt for chunky glitter. To create a rainbow, start with one colour closest to the roots, and then work your way out switching colours as you go.

Rainbow Glitter Eyes

Why do rainbow eyes if you can do rainbow glitter eyes? Take your eyeshadow up a notch by adding glitter to your eye look to create a fun and quirky look.

To create this rainbow glitter makeup look, create a rainbow eye using your favourite bright eyeshadow palette. Once you have completed your rainbow eyeshadow, apply glitter glue on top using your finger. Next, take your coloured glitter and add over the top of each colour of eyeshadow.

Rainbow Glitter Freckles

Faux-freckles is a trend that is getting a lot of airtime recently. With summer Pride celebrations just around the corner, what better way to transform this trend then by making rainbow glitter freckles.

Begin by choosing your rainbow glitter makeup colours. Using glitter glue and the small end of tweezers, dab the glue in the places you wish to apply your glitter. Next, using the same end of the tweezers, apply the glitter and leave to dry.

Rainbow Glitter Highlight

Instead of using your usual highlight, create a subtle Pride rainbow glitter makeup look by applying glitter instead. On the areas that you would normally apply your highlight, apply some glitter glue and then using your finger, dab on the glitter in the colour of a rainbow. This look works best on the cheeks and around the eyes.

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