Chunky Festival Glitter: Tips and Tricks

Clare Cherry

Posted on May 07 2019

chunky festival glitter lights at festival

Glitter makeup is a fun way to experiment with different looks for special occasions like music festivals and summer parties. Chunky festival glitter is one of the most popular Instagram glitter trends, but it’s not exactly easy to use, particularly if you are new to the glitter scene. Use some of the below tips and tricks and glitter away!

Why Use Chunky Festival Glitter

Although fine/ultra fine glitters are great, chunky festival glitter is better when it comes to creating bold and eye-catching glitter looks. Fine glitters are easier to apply than chunky glitter however chunky glitter gives you the best and more dramatic results. The larger pieces of glitter work best when creating larger designs and depending on your choice of glitter, the effect is incredible.

Application Trick

If you are applying your chunky festival glitter to the body, Vaseline is said to be the best product for making your glitter stick. Spread the petroleum jelly evenly on the area of the skin, then press the glitter in with your hand or a brush and wait for it to dry.

Chunky Glitter Brows

Take a small bowl and add the glitter you wish to decorate your brows with. Then take a firm hairspray and spray into the bowl and mix. To apply the chunky festival glitter, dip a spoolie brush into the mix and comb the glitter through your brows.

Hair Gel

If you are applying your festival glitter to areas that come into contact with a lot of different surfaces, using hair gel is a great way to make it stick in place. Use a paintbrush (or foundation brush) to spread the gel onto the area and then using the same brush, pat the glitter on top.

Use Eyelash Glue for Detailing

Turn your eyelash glue into an adhesive for larger chunks of glitter, sequins and jewels. For heavier glitter materials like your chunky festival glitter, using clear eyelash glue is a great way to make it stick, in the exact place you desire.

Glitter Ears

A great way to make use out of your chunky festival glitter is to decorate your ears. Although this may sound crazy, it is actually super cute and looks great at festivals when you have your hair tied up. Dab a tiny amount of clear glue to create your design and press the chunky glitter pieces on top.

Hide Your Roots with Glitter

If you’re enjoying a music festival all weekend long and shampooing your hair isn’t an option, paint some chunky glitter along your parting to take the attention away from your roots. Use a small eyeshadow brush to dab the glitter wherever you want.

Removal Tip

To remove your chunky festival glitter, first dab the area with sticky tape to remove the excess. For the difficult glitter that remains, using an oil cleanser is the best way to get rid of it, without hurting the skin.

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