Planning Your Makeup For a Summer Wedding

Clare Cherry

Posted on May 13 2019

Planning Your Makeup For A Summer Wedding - Bride holding a colourful bridal bouquet.

Having warm, sunny weather on your wedding day is every Bride and Groom’s dream. It creates the perfect backdrop for photographs, reduces the risk of a bad hair day and means that you get to spend some of your day outdoors with your guests.

However, having a summer wedding or planning a wedding abroad comes with the risk of makeup mishaps, so when planning your makeup for a summer wedding, you want to make sure that it can withstand tears and heat, as well as anything else your wedding day throws at you. No matter if you are the bride to be or an attending guest, there are some tips that you should consider when planning your makeup for the big day.

Avoid Moisturiser

When planning your skincare and makeup for a summer wedding, one of your biggest priorities is likely to have clear, soft skin. However, you will want to avoid the risk of any additional sliding on the day, so ideally you should avoid moisturiser altogether on the day. If you suffer from dry skin, then add a heavy-based night moisturiser the day before, as any leftover residue can then be removed with a gentle cleanser or toner on the morning of the wedding. Before applying any makeup, choose an oil-free primer to create a lightweight and soft canvas for your makeup to hold to. This will prevent any additional sliding during the day and keep your makeup in place.

Keep Your Eye Makeup In Place

Many brides and guests struggle to find the perfect balance of eye makeup, with some choosing styles and colours which are too heavy for their dress or outfit. Keeping your eye makeup in place all day is no easy feat during an occasion as emotional as a wedding, especially when it comes to mascara and eyeliner.

Waterproof mascara is a must for all brides and guests, but even more so in the summer when it’s warmer and smudges are more likely to happen. If you are having eye makeup applied, ensure that you prime the area as this will better protect you from smudges. When it comes to eyeshadows, try to avoid creamy formulas as these are likely to become oilier as the day goes on.

Choose A Stay-Put Lipstick

From kissing your new husband or wife, greeting your guests, sipping champagne and eating, how are you meant to keep your lipstick in place all day? When planning your makeup for a summer wedding, considering the prepping and maintaining of your lipstick is vital when it comes to keeping it perfect for as long as possible. Start off by moisturising your lips with a soft balm so that your lipstick and any pencil will apply easily.

Apply your pencil first and colour in your entire lips, as this will prevent your lipstick from bleeding and make it last much longer. Once you’ve applied your pencil, add on your lipstick and gently blot with a tissue then, whilst the tissue is pressed onto your lips, brush on some loose powder on top. The final step is to use a lipstick sealer - just one coat should hold most of your colour in place all day.

Setting Your Makeup

If you’ve ever worn a face full of makeup in warm conditions, then you’ll know just how shiny you can get very quickly once your makeup begins to wear off. On your wedding day, or if you are a wedding guest, one thing you don’t want is to have a shiny forehead or nose in the wedding photographs, so setting your makeup is a must if you want to avoid any mishaps.

After applying your foundation, be sure to set this with powder using a small brush or slightly damp makeup sponge. Apply more than needed and leave it to set for 5-10 minutes, then buff away with a large powder brush. If you want to apply blush, highlighter or bronzer, then this should be applied after this step but steer clear of creamy products, as these tend to streak and shine.

If you are planning on adding a little extra glam in the evenings with a brighter highlight or even some glitter, then make sure that you have the right primer or glitter glue to keep it in place whilst you dance the night away. When planning your makeup for a summer wedding, be sure to pack an emergency touch up kit which you can give to your maid of honour or another guest for safe keeping. Try to include a compact powder, lipstick, concealer and blotting papers for quick touchups or emergencies.

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