5 Things To Prepare If You Are Planning A Wedding Abroad

Clare Cherry

Posted on April 08 2019

wedding setting on a beach to highlight planning a wedding abroad

If your wedding dreams revolve around saying “I Do” on a sandy beach, in your favourite bustling city or on a tropical getaway, then getting married abroad may be something that is perfect for you.


Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular, but arranging the logistics can be tricky. Planning a wedding abroad comes with its own set of challenges, so there are some things you must prepare if you are planning on having your nuptials abroad.

Choosing Your Wedding Destination

When planning a wedding abroad, you should pick a location that suits both your personalities. If you have some key requirements, then write these down before finalising your destination. Whether you want a beach wedding, countryside views or a city escape, then this will help to build a picture of your ideal location and narrow down your list of destinations as well as sticking to your budget.

Do I Need To Visit The Location Before The Wedding?

Once you have chosen your destination, then you should ideally visit it beforehand. Twice is the recommended amount: first, to finalise your venue and then again when your plans are in place. Once you have everything sorted, you may want to schedule in another visit to taste the menu, meet local suppliers and have a makeup and hair trial - remember, the weather and humidity may be very different in the place where you are getting married, so this may play havoc with your beauty plans.

Organise Your Beauty Plans

If you are getting married in a destination which benefits from beautiful, warm weather then you’re makeup is going to sit differently than it does at home. Once you have sorted your wedding venue, then you need to consider things such as your hair and makeup for yourself and your bridesmaids.

All bridal makeup should stand the test of time for all-day wear and destination brides need to make sure that their products work harder. Invest in a good primer, setting spray and opt for blotting papers rather than layer upon layer of powdered foundation. If you are planning on wearing cosmetic glitter, then ensure you invest in a good glitter glue to maximise your wear. Here at Wish Upon A Sparkle, we love adding glitz and glamour to your special day with glitter!

Consider Local Vendors

When you are planning a wedding abroad, then you may think that it’ll be easier to buy everything and have it sent over in time for your big day. But, not only will this put a large dent in your budget, it will also mean more time planning and setting up. Looking at vendors who are local to your wedding venue means that you will have a more authentic wedding in the country you choose and it is a lot kinder to your budget. Look at local caterers, entertainment and florists, as these are likely to be a saviour to your wedding planning and preparation. Whilst it may be difficult to research online, as your venue or wedding planner for recommendations.

Enjoy Yourself

Your wedding is your special day and it should be something that you enjoy with minimal stress. When planning a wedding abroad, be sure to factor in time both before and after the wedding where, after planning and organising, you can enjoy spending time with your partner to be or new husband or bride. Getting married abroad is known for relieving some of the typical stress usually associated with weddings, plus you are in a destination that you both love.

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