3 Sparkly Makeup Looks For Your Eyes

Clare Cherry

Posted on January 28 2019

3 Sparkly Makeup Looks For Your Eyes

Sparkly makeup looks are one of the easiest and most effective beauty trends, especially when it comes to eye makeup. Not only is it on-trend, but it is a welcome burst of brightness during the winter months.

Anyone can pull off sparkly makeup looks, no matter if your shy about your shimmer or want to create a full disco ball effect, there are plenty of ways that you can add a sparkle to your eye.

3 Sparkly Makeup Looks You Should Try

Subtle Sparkle

If you prefer minimalist makeup, then it is still possible for you to pull off a sparkly makeup look. Instead of going all out and adding glitter everywhere, just keep it confined to a small area to start off with, such as your eyes. The easiest option is highlighting just the inner corners of your eyes, known as eye-strobing.

For the most flattering look, choose a shade which is lighter than you skin tone in order to mimic the look of a pearl highlighter. For light to medium skin tones, a silver or pale gold is the best colour, where as rich bronze and gold tones is best for deeper skin tones. Keep the rest of your makeup relatively simple in order to make the glitter pop.

Glimmer and Glam

Transform your classic smokey eye look with luxe jewel tones. Start by choosing eyeshadow shades, preferably two, from the same colour tone. If you want to create a truly glam look, then pair matte and sparkly colours for one of the best sparkly makeup looks this season.

Press the matte colour closely along your upper lash line with a flat applicator brush for a more even colour saturation. Blend the colours out towards your eye crease for a soft, smouldering look and then add the shimmering colour shade to the centre of your eyelids for major sparkle.

Show-Stopping Sparkle

If you want to shine like a diamond, then you’ll know that applying glitter for sparkly makeup looks usually leads to a sparkle fallout all over your face. Having the right glitter gel adhesive will make sure that you keep your glitter makeup in place all night long.

For a smooth application, apply from your lids to your eye crease - two layers is enough for a stand-out sparkle, but feel free to add three if you want to create a dramatic look. The trick to keeping glitter from going goopy is to wait a minute or two in between layers, just like when applying coats of mascara.

After applying the glitter, trace along your lower lids with another complimentary shade. If doubling up on glitter isn’t enough for your look, then extend your liner past the outer corners of your eyes into a feline flick. Finish off with a spritz of setting spray, and you’re ready to go!

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