Why Having A Morning Skincare Routine Is Important

Clare Cherry

Posted on September 09 2019

woman's hand with moisturiser on to apply as part of her morning skincare routine

Your skin goes through a lot each day. Sun exposure, sweat, pollution and dirt can all have a direct effect on your skin so it is important that you look after and protect your skin both morning and night.

Establishing a morning skincare routine may sound time-consuming and less-important than having a thorough evening skincare routine, especially if you are just going to apply makeup afterwards, however, it is important to stick to and follow a morning skincare routine in order to protect and prepare your skin for the day ahead. Here are some reasons why having a morning skincare routine is important. 

Removes Impurities

Impurities which lie on top of your skin can hinder your morning skincare routine and can just make your skin worse as the day progresses. These impurities can clog up pores, which can then result in blackheads, oily skin and breakouts. When you go to apply makeup, you may also find that you get a different result than usual. When it comes to your morning skincare routine, it is important that cleansing and toning are two of the steps you take as they will remove any impurities which are left on your skin. 

Rehydrate The Skin

Sticking to a morning skincare routine means that you can monitor and properly hydrate your skin as and when it is needed. Moisturiser is an important step in any skincare routine, but during the summer and winter months when the air is hot and dry, this step is even more important. Moisturising is essentially another step which can be done to properly care for and protect your skin so that you can ensure your skin is always at its best.  

Applying SPF

Applying SPF is perhaps one of the most important steps when it comes to skincare and, particularly, your morning skincare routine. Adding a layer of suncream underneath your makeup or daily skincare products will protect your skin during the day, but on days where the UV rays are high, it is important that you reapply during the day. You can get tinted suncream or moisturisers which contain SPF protection if you don’t like the way which normal suncream feels on your face during the day. 

Morning Skincare Products

Your morning skin is much different from your skin in the evening, so using the right skincare products matters so that you are using them to their full potential and will help you to see better results and in the right time frame. Your morning skincare routine is just as important as your evening one, which focuses on cleaning the skin to get rid of clogged pores and remove any impurities which have collected on your skin throughout the day. 

It is also important as you can use the hours which you sleep to apply thicker moisturiser or products which require prolonged contact. Your morning skincare routine enables you to prepare your skin for the day ahead and helps to remove any leftover products which you applied the night before that may have an impact on your makeup application.

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