4 Fun Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Clare Cherry

Posted on September 16 2019

A bride and groom surrounded by sparklers as an alternative wedding entertainment ideas

Your wedding day is a day full of joy, laughs and celebration and it is also a great way to show off you and your new husband or wife’s personalities. Wedding entertainment is the perfect way to do this and can boost the energy and fun of your whole wedding day.

They also act as an icebreaker for guests, some of whom may not have met before. With so many alternative wedding entertainment ideas out there, how do you pick the best one for your special day? Whatever your interests or passions, there’s bound to be something out there when it comes to choosing wedding entertainment - the sky is the limit!

Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Retro Games Arcade

If you or your partner love gaming, or just want to incorporate some of your old favourites from when you were younger, then why not consider hiring some retro game machines as one of your alternative wedding entertainment ideas? Your guests will love reminiscing with a drink or two following your reception and things are sure to get competitive!

Photo Booths

There’s a reason why photo booths are so popular for weddings - they’re great fun! Guests love getting snaps of themselves with you, their friends and loved ones, so a pop-up photo booth is a great idea. Why not add something extra to your photo booth and check out our range of glitter wedding services - your guests are sure to love the addition of sparkle for your evening celebrations!

Singing Waiters

Imagine the look on your guest's faces when your wedding breakfast is being served and some of your waiters burst out into song? A growing trend when it comes to alternative wedding entertainment ideas is hiring singer waiters to surprise your guests with a few songs whilst they wait for their food. Many of the singers are professional singers, actors and even West End performers, so you’re in for a show!

Firework Display

What better way to end your wedding day than with a show-stopping firework display as one of your alternative wedding entertainment ideas? It is the perfect finale to your romantic day and all your guests are sure to love it. If you want to make it really special, then why not serve hot drinks outdoors if it’s a cold evening, or have sparklers and serve smores and hotdogs for guests to snack on before or after the finale?

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