Creative Party Ideas For New Years Eve

Clare Cherry

Posted on December 23 2019

Creative Party Ideas For New Years Eve

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, many of us are finalising our plans, getting our outfits sorted and coming up with New Year resolutions. When it comes to New Year’s Eve parties and celebrations there are, of course, the typical essentials such as party poppers, champagne, party food and confetti, but everyone knows that the best parties have a good theme and New Year’s Eve parties are no exception. 

Coming up with creative party ideas for your New Years Eve party can be a little overwhelming, especially when mixed in with all the Christmas festivities, so if you’re finding yourself out of ideas, here are some great ideas to create a night that you and your party guests won’t forget!

5 Creative Party Ideas and Themes

Champagne (And Lots Of It!)

Celebrate the start of a new decade and toast the arrival of 2020 in style with a Champagne party. Decorate your party with gold-themed everything from gold fringe curtains to gold buffet plates and cups and plenty of champagne! You could even add some edible gold drink shimmer to your champagne to go all out. If you’re looking for creative party ideas, don’t forget to feature champagne in amongst your other foods too - champagne cupcakes anyone?

Winter Wonderland

If you love Christmas and everything festive and dread the thought of a dull January, then why not drag it out as long as possible with a Winter Wonderland themed party? Transform your New Years party with beautiful blues, whites and silvers, not forgetting snowflake decorations, silver sequins and pinecone garlands. For creative party ideas for your Winter Wonderland themed party, then look at the different food and drink options you can serve or go all out with a snow machine or ice sculptures.

Roaring 20s

Whilst not one of the most original creative party ideas, what better way to welcome the new ‘20s decade than with a Roaring 20s party? Turn up the jazz music, get your flapper dresses and smart suits on and serve champagne and drinks in art deco glasses. You could even create some signature cocktails to serve on the night to create a “speakeasy” vibe. 

Rest and Relaxation

It’s been a long year and if you’ve exhausted, particularly after the busyness of Christmas, then why not organised a “Rest and Relaxation” party for you and your friends instead? Ditch the party poppers and shun loud music and instead have an evening relaxing with your friends in comfy clothes for a much-needed night in. Light some scented candles, buy some face masks and enjoy some good food and bring in the new decade in relaxed style. 

Celebrate The Decades 

What better way to celebrate a new decade than by reflecting on times gone by. For your New Year’s Eve party, celebrate the start of the 2020s and get your guests to dress up in their favourite outfits from their favourite decade, whether it be double denim from the 2000s or the retro dresses of the 60s, and decorate your party venue with cool throwback items or retro decor. 

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