5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A December Wedding

Clare Cherry

Posted on December 16 2019

Groom wearing a winter flower button hole for a December wedding

Summer is known as “wedding season” for a reason - a large majority of couples choose the summer months to have their wedding day as they believe the weather will be better and more people are likely to attend. Whilst most couples choose the summer for their weddings, that’s not to say that winter weddings don’t offer plenty of romantic perks too. If you are unsure as to when to arrange your wedding for, then here are 5 reasons why you should consider a December wedding date. 

Make Your Money Go Further

As summer is so packed full of weddings, many vendors are likely to be less likely to budge on their costs and availability. Having a December wedding means that you get given a lot of bargaining power, as winter isn’t typically considered to be in the peak wedding season. You’ll find that suppliers will have more availability and, because they are quieter, may even be able to offer you discounts or deals. If you are on a budget, then you’ll find a December wedding works in your favour. 

Romantic Setting

With the long nights, this means that you can arrange for your evening party to start earlier, so that you have longer to enjoy it. Dress your venue in a winter theme and set the atmosphere as soon as dusk arrives. Use fairy lights to create a romantic and whimsical setting, or use candles to light outside walkways and, if your budget stretches that far, why not arrange for an evening firework display too? 

When it comes to December weddings, making the most of additional light features can be amazing for creating a romantic setting - think of all those photos with tea lights, candles, lanterns and open fires. When it comes to the timing of your wedding ceremony, you might want to consider an earlier time, otherwise, you may run out of daylight altogether. If you have a 3pm ceremony, then it’ll be dusk by the time you get out.

Seasonal Highlight

If you have a December wedding, then you’ve got a much better chance of guests being free to attend. During the summer months, many people feel like they go to wedding after wedding, so by having a December wedding, your guests will likely be ready for a good party! You’ll also find that if you get married over the Christmas and New Year period, then a lot of people already have time off work, meaning you can save even more money and look at booking a mid-week wedding. 

Good Weather

One of the main reasons why so many people choose a summer wedding is hope for warm, sunny weather, but this is very rare. Whilst you won’t get warm weather if you choose to have a December wedding, you have a better chance of it being clear and bright, which means you get better photos too! Although there is still a chance of rain and drizzle in the winter, you will also benefit from better hair and makeup on your big day. There tends to be far less moisture in the air in the winter months, so you’re less likely to get frizzy hair, plus you can do more with your makeup without risk of it being too warm and sliding off. 

Wedding Venue Availability

All couples have one venue in mind for their big day, but unfortunately, you might find that it is booked up on your wedding day. However, if you want to have a December wedding, then you’ll find that a lot more venues have availability meaning that your dream venue may well be available. Again, if you decide on a midweek date, you might find it even easier to book your dream venue and your guests will also find it easier to find local accommodation or decide to go all out and make a weekend of it!

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