How To Make A Regular Event More Festive During December

Clare Cherry

Posted on December 09 2019

Green foliage wreath crafting

If you already plan and hold regular events, then you will probably have already established a formula which works well for you. But, if you’ve got a number of events lined up throughout the month of December, then you might be considering adding some festivity to your regular events to make them a little more Christmassy for you and your attendees.

Whether you go all out or just add a few festive bits here and there, here are some ideas as to how you can make your regular event more festive during December. 

Screen A Festive Film

Dark nights and cold days mean that more and more of us want to snuggle up, especially whilst watching a good film. Outdoor and temporary cinema screens are becoming more and more popular across the country and provide a popular addition to a festival, help to make the most out of your venue if it has highly attractive interior decor or even just to utilise the space available. If you are considering having a film showing at your regular event, then consider festive favourites such as Home Alone, Elf, Love Actually and It’s a Wonderful Life to give it a Christmas-feel. 

Organise A Choir

From Christmas hits to traditional carols, everyone loves singing along to seasonal favourites. If your regular events are taking place in open spaces, then you might want to consider organising a choir to come along and sing to provide entertainment for those attending. You could even arrange for lyrics to be projected on a wall for that everyone can sing along, or provide print out versions. 

See If Santa Is Free To Make An Appearance

No matter your regular event line up, if your event is taking place closer to Christmas and is a family-friendly event, then why not try and see if Santa is free to make an appearance? This works particularly well if your venue can also double up as an elves workshop or magic grotto or if you want some child-friendly entertainment whilst parents get involved with your event. 

Add A Dressing Up Element

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add some festivity to one of your regular events, then wearing Christmas-themed clothing is a great idea. Whether you invite people to wear Santa hats, Christmas jumpers, reindeer antlers or comedy elf ears, this adds a fun element for those taking part and will make some great photos which you can use to promote your events. Why not consider hiring hair and makeup services to truly go all out? 

Festive Foliage

If your event is quite a long one and you are looking for activities to break the day up slightly, then why not consider festive wreath making or foliage decorations? Get a local florist or just provide materials such as holly, ivy and mistletoe so that your guests can make their own Christmas wreaths or table accessories - you could even serve mince pies and mulled wine alongside it!

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