A Guide To Easy Awards Season Glam

Clare Cherry

Posted on January 06 2020

A Guide To Easy Awards Season Glam

Award show season revolves around music, tv and movie accolades and these events are some of the biggest nights in a celeb’s calendar, not only for the awards at stake, but also the style and beauty. Often, this is a time where designers showcase and tease their looks and designs for the upcoming seasons, so awards season is a pivotal time of year in terms of style and glam and many of the makeup looks can be easily recreated at home. 

Perfecting awards season glam is a good way to try out new colours, styles and looks before a big event, so here is your guide to some of the easiest awards season glam looks which you can practice beforehand. 

Go Back To Basics

When it comes to flawless awards season glam, one of the first and most important steps is creating the canvas for perfect makeup application. If you have a big event coming up, then you might want to consider getting a deep cleansing facial to clear your skin. Then, starting a day or two before, ensure that you properly cleanse and tone to brighten and refresh skin and try a hydrating mask to temporarily plump the skin and improve texture. 

Complimentary Pinks

From deep salmons to bright peonies, pink always finds itself at home on the red carpet. When it comes to makeup, pink is an almost fail-safe choice as, depending on the shade used, it can be matched with anything. For a stand-out awards season glam, don’t be afraid to go as bold as you want, especially when paired with a natural base. The classic red lip may be too harsh on some women, so instead, choose a hot pink shade. 

Big and Beautiful Hair

Whether you’re planning on being the belle of the ball or the hostess with the mostess, awards season glam isn’t complete without a good blow-dry. This can easily complete your award season look so be sure to go big by blow-drying your hair upside down in order to create plenty of volume and extra life. Before you head out, add a spritz or two of volumising spray and flick your hair back once dry for extra effect. 

Colour-Pop Eyeshadow

Many of the big celebs and artists decide to opt for striking eye makeup when it comes to award season. Green and vivid blue always tends to be a popular choice, particularly when it is used in bold brush strokes. This look is perfect if you are wearing an elegant LBD or want an easy but striking style. 

To recreate this awards season glam look at home, all you need is a vivid colour pencil to lin around the eye. Then, blend this outwards with a small brush to create a smooth and soft effect. Add a dash of black eyeliner to the outer corners of the eye and blend into the blue for a defined look. Use a touch of pearly eyeshadow in the inner corners to brighten the eye and coat your lashes in mascara for a dramatic final touch. 

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