A Guide To Easy Wedding Beauty Looks

Clare Cherry

Posted on August 19 2019

A Guide To Easy Wedding Beauty Looks

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, but it is also a day where all eyes are on you. Although seating arrangments, catering choices and guest lists may seem like some of the most important tasks you need to sort, your wedding beauty arrangements should also be high up on your list of priorities. 

Your bridal and wedding beauty arrangements require certain levels of organisation in the run-up to your wedding day and the earlier you begin to think about it, then the less stressful it will be in the days leading up to your big day. So, whether you are getting professional help or doing it on your own, there are plenty of things to consider when it comes to your wedding beauty prep, especially if you want to avoid any beauty mistakes or blunders.

4 Easy Wedding Beauty Tips 

Stay Hydrated

Makeup may be magical, but it can only go so far. In the lead up to your big day, it is vital that you are keeping hydrated. Not only are you likely to be busier, so more susceptible to feeling dehydrated and run down, but your skin will thank you. 

Dry, dull and tired-looking skin is often down to not drinking enough water and your makeup will sit much better - and last far longer - on hydrated skin. Start to drink around 3 litres of water a day around 2 weeks before your wedding and you will see a huge improvement when it comes to applying your wedding beauty products - your skin will glow and you will also notice that lines and pores are less noticeable. 

Invest In The Right Tools

If you are doing your makeup yourself and are usually the person who applies their foundation with their fingertips, then now might be a good time to invest in the right tools for the job. When it comes to wedding beauty, you want to make sure that your makeup lasts all day and stays put, but also doesn’t look too heavy. 

Makeup brushes will give you a flawless finish and make applying makeup so much easier. Be sure to brush down the face, as this is the way that hair lies. Many big beauty brands are happy to go through all their brushes with you and give you a tutorial, so this is one less thing to worry about on your wedding day. 

Embrace Colour

A lot of brides-to-be prefer to play it safe on their wedding day, sticking with neutral palettes of dusky browns, rosy pinks and toned-down makeup. But, if you’re a fan of colours, then don’t be afraid to add a little more jazz to your wedding beauty plans. When wearing an ivory or white dress, it’s ok to add a little more blusher than usual in an attempt to avoid looking washed out in photos and under a harsh light. 

Pick a great lip colour too, as this will stand out beautifully against your pale dress. If you want to add something a little fun to your evening celebrations, then why not take a look at our wedding services to add some glitter and glamour to your special day - we have plenty of different glitter colours for you to choose from. 

Aim To Look Like Yourself

When it comes to wedding beauty, it can be easy to choose looks, colours and styles which can then make you look far from yourself. Many bridal makeup specialists say that the most important thing for brides on their wedding day is to feel confident and comfortable and if you have too much makeup on, colours which are a little too out there or styles which you wouldn’t usually choose, then you may not feel as amazing as you had hoped. 

Your bridal and wedding beauty should be a reflection of your personal self and style and your wedding day shouldn’t be a time where you take risks that you may regret looking back on in years to come - your aim is to feel the most beautiful you have ever felt.

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