3 Small Baby Shower Ideas

Clare Cherry

Posted on August 30 2019

blue and purple multi coloured cakes on a pretty plate for small baby shower ideas

Baby showers are a relatively new concept in the UK and one which is growing hugely in popularity. If you’re hosting a baby shower, then you have a lot to bear in mind, but as long as you consider the mum-to-be and keep organised, then planning a baby shower can be quite a stress-free event.

What you plan, who you invite and games you have in mind are all dependent on the mum, so coming up with ideas for a baby shower to keep people entertained may feel like a hugely important task. If you're opting to host an intimate party, then small baby shower ideas may be best. 

Fun Food and Drinks

Baby showers very often include a sit-down dinner or formal dining event. Instead, they are low-key, laid back and fun. Buffett food is usually the food of choice and is far easier to plan and accommodate any dietary requirements, especially when looking for small baby shower ideas. There are also plenty of fun food and drink games you can play to get everyone in the party mood and these are a great way to break the ice at first. Finger sandwiches, cute cupcakes and finger foods are all great ideas for what to serve food-wise, but drinks can often be a tricky topic. 

Some guests may want to celebrate with champagne or other alcoholic drinks, but expectant mothers may not be happy with those being at the party. Instead, you could create fun mocktails, get alcohol-free fizzy wine or just serve fruit juice and water - remember, this is something you should get the mum’s thoughts on first. 

Face and Body Painting

When it comes to small baby shower ideas, you may want to steer clear of huge extravagances and instead stick to things which are more relevant for your budget and the number of people attending. Face and body painting can be a fun party event which everyone can get involved in. If you’re planning a gender reveal at the baby shower, then you could surprise everyone with just one colour of paint or glitter. 

Our professional experts are here to transform you and your party into anything you can imagine and our face painting services are ideal if you have younger guests attending too! This can be a great way to get some fun photos of the day, or the mum-to-be can do a little photo shoot with a glitter face design or even a fun painted baby bump! 

Baby Shower Decorations

Coming up with small baby shower ideas can seem difficult enough, but when it comes to thinking of decorations, you may feel completely overwhelmed. However, good decoration choices can transform any space into a Pinterest-worthy event and it doesn’t need to be expensive. Simple tissue paper pom poms and decorations give an instant party feel and can be made to compliment your theme or gender of the baby and, when paired with some fun balloons, will look even more fantastic. A cute idea for DIY decorations is bunting, which you can make by pegging baby socks onto string or creating a glamourous “Mum to Be” sash!

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