3 Easy Tips For Taking A Selfie At An Event

Clare Cherry

Posted on June 03 2019

two girls at a festival demonstrating tips for taking a selfie

Let’s face it, there is no wrong way to take a selfie. There have been many famous selfies taken all over the world, from American Presidents and Royalty to celeb-filled Oscar ceremony selfies, that selfies are now just a part of everyday life - the term has even made its way into the dictionary!

But, when it comes to taking a photo at a busy event, such as a wedding, festival or party, then there are some tips that you should consider. After all, when you are at these events, there isn’t always someone free to take a picture of you and your friends! From knowing your best angles to understanding the right background to make your photo pop, then knowing these tips for taking a selfie will help you to create some wonderful lasting memories!

Composure Is Key

Whilst smartphone cameras aren’t always the best, they do have a huge advantage point: convenience. You’re likely always going to have your phone with you at an event, so in order to get the most out of your smartphone, you need to use the back-facing camera as this has a much higher resolution than the front-facing one.

Be careful not to hold the camera to close to your face, as this might create some lens distortion, but when you hold it away from your face try to avoid having an overly-outstretched arm as this can cause you to hold the camera at an unflattering angle. One of the best tips for taking a selfie is to make sure that you are lit from the side. Not only is it flattering, but if you’re standing in front of a bright light source, such as the sun, then your face may be completely in the dark.

Take A Background Check

You are the star of your selfie, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to what is behind you. Be sure to turn around and check what your backdrop looks like. See if there could be any odd looking intersections, such as a branch of a tree that will stick out of your head, or any potential photobombers. Remember, if you are attending one of the summer’s biggest festivals, your best friend’s wedding or even just on a fun day out, then you don’t want your photo memories of the day to include a boring or distracting background!

When it comes to tips for taking a selfie, then this is perhaps one of the best to remember. A selfie background can make or break the overall image, so it is important. If you just want your face to be the focus, then chose a neutral and empty background, such as a wall. Often, the setting of a selfie is the reason for the photo, so offset your face so that there is as much room as possible within the frame to capture the scenery.

Try A Style

Often, some of the most interesting selfies are the ones where the person in it has tried out a different look or style. Depending on what you want your selfie to be used for, then it is important to mix things up, rather than keeping it the same every time. Mixing up your facial expressions is a great way to start, but sometimes keeping the same look and changing the background focus can also look amazing, too.

If you just want an different look or style for the day or even just the selfie, then one of the best tips for taking a selfie that you’ll remember for years to come is to go for something a little different. Whether it’s a dazzling glitter makeup look or a stylish new hairdo, you could make that the focus of your selfie.

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