2000s Fashion Trends That Are Coming Back With A Bang

Clare Cherry

Posted on May 28 2019

Woman wearing facial glitter for a 2000s fashion trend which is coming back into fashion

When it came to never before seen fashion trends and out of this world beauty looks, there was no time quite like the 2000s. The early 2000s, especially, were a true enigma when it came to fashion and beauty trends with bare midriffs, double denim and brightly coloured eye makeup palettes taking over many awards shows, making them considered as being at the height of fashion.

This year, it seems as though 2000s fashion trends are coming back with a bang and, for the nostalgic types, this is great news. Some of the best fashion and beauty tips are being revived with a new contemporary spin, meaning that this summer your wardrobe will be full of some much-needed nostalgic style.

Camo Green

Every few years, camo seems to come and go, never staying longer than necessary. The 2000s bought us many Destiny’s Child performances, where they managed to rock the look numerous times. Now, camo green has become a trend which doesn’t look to be going anywhere and is now one of the 2000s fashion trends which are bigger than ever. Many designers have included the trend in their 2019 collections, which means it is readily available should you wish to add it to your wardrobe.

Glitter, Everywhere

Glitter was everywhere in the 2000s, with almost every celeb wearing it during red carpet events. Whilst festival fashion continues to be a big trend this year, there are 2000s fashion trends which seem to be having a huge impact, with glitter being one of them. Cosmetic glitter is having its moment on the eyes, with a feature look being created with cut creases and bright colours. Glitter can be applied anywhere stylishly this summer, whether you add it to your cheeks, lips, eyes and hair, it is the perfect 2000s trend to come back in time for festival season.

Leopard Print

No matter where you look this season, leopard print seems to be bigger than ever. Like most trends, animal print tends to come in and out of fashion every few years, almost on a continuing cycle. This year, it seems as though you can buy almost everything in a leopard print pattern. From heels and headbands to dresses and cami tops, no matter how you want to wear the pattern, it’s bound to be available. 2000s fashion trends often come back in a completely different way than when it first appeared, and leopard print is more stylish and fitted this year.

Baby Tees

Even though crop tops have been a trend for a while now and are available in almost every cut and colour, a new 2000s fashion trend is coming back and making its way onto the high street. Baby tees were a huge trend in the 2000s, with all the stars such as Paris Hilton and Mary Kate and Ashley wearing them paired with other 2000s trends, including low-rise jeans and berets. This year, however, what better way to style a cropped baby tee than with a pair of mom jeans or baggy sweats?

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