Why Using Guilt Free Glitter Is Important For The Environment

Clare Cherry

Posted on June 10 2019

Close up of a woman wearing guilt free glitter around her eye as makeup

We’re all aware of the impact that plastic is having on our environment. Every single piece of plastic that has been made is still around today, and it takes around 1000 years for plastic to decompose. Plastic is finding its way into our waterways and ecosystems and with glitter recently being exposed as being a microplastic, here at Wish Upon A Sparkle, we believe that your love of glitter shouldn’t cost the earth.

With festival season set to begin later this month, over 60 independent UK festivals have announced that they’re getting rid of single-use plastic by the year 2021, including glitter. So just how important is it that we use guilt free glitter, and why should we choose it?

Why Choose Guilt Free Glitter?

Festivals usually take place in natural or rural areas and with this comes the noticeable effects that plastic has on our environment. The disposing of plastic at festivals is often a focus for festival-organisers, but this sometimes isn’t enough. Glitter is small enough to fall off or wash away and find itself disrupting streams and wildlife, which is where biodegradable, guilt free glitter comes in.

Our bio glitter is made from cellulose, which is a component found in the cell walls of plants. This material comes from eucalyptus tree fibres, which is sustainably farmed and is one of the fastest growing trees on the planet. Cellulose, when used as a biodegradable glitter option, will not put any extra strain onto the environment. We also use other non-toxic ingredients which coat the cellulose to give it the sparkly look we all love and all of this means that our bio glitter is completely compostable.

How Can You Tell if a Glitter is Biodegradable and Guilt Free?

With biodegradable glitter becoming a big trend, it can be tricky to spot whether you’re using guilt free glitter or not. The overall look of biodegradable glitter is very similar to non-biodegradable glitter, but there are some key differences to look out for. Bio glitter is much softer to touch than regular glitter, and usually only comes in hexagonal shapes. Conventional glitter is often available in all shapes and sizes and often all colours of the rainbow. Non-bio glitter may also feel scratchy on your skin, as they are often designed for crafts rather than cosmetic use.

How Long Does It Take For Biodegradable Glitter To Break Down?

The length of time which it takes for guilt free glitter to biodegrade can vary and is dependent on the conditions which you are in. Biodegradation is reliant on four components - oxygen, microorganisms, heat and water. If you are somewhere where all four components are present, such as on holiday, then this will naturally speed up the process.

When you buy biodegradable glitter from Wish Upon A Sparkle, the glitter comes in a screw-top pot, which is both water resistant and airtight. This means that your glitter will not begin to break down when you are not using it. For bio glitter to biodegrade, then all four biodegradation components need to be present, so you don’t need to worry about this when your glitter is stored in the pot.

If you have any more questions about biodegradable glitter, then read our bio glitter FAQ page here.

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