5 Simple Ways To Go Green With Your Cosmetics

Clare Cherry

Posted on March 18 2019

Flowers and makeup products for simple ways to go green

Feeling beautiful and looking after natural resources doesn’t need to be something which requires a lot of thought. You can reduce the impact of your beauty routine on your own skin and the environment with just a handful of simple ways to go green.

Your skin naturally absorbs a lot of what it encounters on a daily basis and this includes the chemicals which are found in a large number or skincare and makeup products. Using items which contain better-for-you ingredients helps to reduce your body’s exposure to harmful toxins and helps you to feel your best overall. With just a bit of forethought before your next beauty haul, you’re sure to find some cost-effective and simple ways to go green, so here are 5 tweaks you can make to your current makeup and beauty routine.

Brush Up On Your Act

When looking for makeup and beauty tools, try to source makeup brushes that have been crafted from sustainable and eco-friendly materials. A large majority of makeup brushes and sponges are made from non-recyclable and unsustainable materials, so when looking for a new makeup brush, you want to make sure that what you are buying is good for the environment and also high quality. Many eco-friendly makeup brush companies are using materials which are completely recyclable, often using bamboo fibres, tree-free paper and cotton.

Reduce Your Water Use

If washing and cleansing your face is part of your nightly routine, then you are not alone. Conserving water is a big focus in the battle of helping the environment, so cutting down on your water usage is one of the most simple ways to go green. Rather than leaving the tap running when removing your cleanser, why not use a makeup remover cloth instead? Simply rinse under warm or cold water and wipe over your face. There’s no need to use cleansing products and it will remove all traces of makeup.

Recycle Your Mascara Tubes

Mascara tubes are particularly damaging on the environment. Made from almost 100% plastic, they can often be hard to reuse, so we tend to throw them straight into the bin. You can recycle some makeup containers through cosmetic companies and you can check online to see if they offer a recycling programme. If they don’t consider looking for an eco-friendly brand instead. Mascara brushes are also used by wildlife reserves, as they can brush the fur of small animals who are in their care or to remove oil or residue from bird feathers.

Look For Eco-Friendly Alternatives

When you first set out to make sustainable changes, it is natural to want to start straight away. But, this often results in a huge shift in your lifestyle which can seem impossible to maintain. Finding simple ways to go green will make it easier to forge long-lasting habits. Instead of aiming to replace every product you own at once, start with a few products at a time. Switch your normal cosmetic glitter with our biodegradable glitter pots or find an environmentally friendly, organic moisturiser to replace your usual.

Use Your Products Until The Last Drop

Make sure that you use every drop of your products and try not to buy new ones or replacements until they have been fully used. This will not only extend the shelf life of your beauty products, but will also cut down on the waste that you throw away. As long as your products haven’t expired, then there is no need to dispose of them.

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