3 Spring Inspired Makeup Looks

Clare Cherry

Posted on March 25 2019

3 Spring Inspired Makeup Looks

With warm weather and beautiful, blooming flowers soon to be here, it’s time to spring into some bold, new makeup looks. There is no better time to add some soft pops of colour to your makeup than spring, a time of year loved for its bright colours and freshness after the winter months. Creating a sweet spring makeup look couldn’t be easier, so here are 3 spring inspired makeup looks for you to try.

Statement Eyes

In order to pull off a spring inspired makeup look on your eyes, you’ll need a colourful eyeliner. Luckily, there are plenty of different colours and shades around during this time of year, but if you want to add a hint of sparkle to your everyday looks, then add just a small touch of a shimmering bronze onto the corner of your eye.

Another favourite look is drawing a precise and sleek link in an inky-purple colour. This look is a little bit bolder but is perfect for the weekend! If you still struggle to create the perfect winged look, try to measure your eye in relation to your eyebrows. Rest a pencil at the end of your eye and then rotate it to the end of your brow - this should be the end point of your eyeliner.

To keep this look clean, remove any smudges or mishaps with a creamy makeup remover. To sharpen and clean your look, use a cotton bud dipped in remover and align it with your water line. Then, swipe it up to the brow line in order to sharpen and clean the line before you apply any foundation.

Rosy Cheeks

Spring is the perfect time of year to perfect and play with rosy cheeks, but this all comes down to choosing the right shade of pink. Anything that is too dark for your skin tone will look too heavy, however, there are some handy tips to use in order to create a glowing spring inspired makeup look.

Picking the perfect blush colour should be first on your list. Créme-based blushes are easier to control, so if you are not sure about your application techniques, try one of these first. A gel blush feels like a powder, but it easily blends into the skin and looks great when topped with a small sweep of highlighter. If you want a softer effect, a rich, powdered blush is perfect, especially if you want to brighten up pale skin. Powder blushes tend to be highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

If you want to add depth to your cheeks, then bronzer and highlighter will give your blush a warm glow. You can play around with applying either your blusher or bronzer first, as both will give different effects and looks. Just a small sweep across the top of your blusher or over your cheekbones will make your spring inspired makeup look truly pop.

Lipstick For Brighter Days

After winter, we all find ourselves needing a little pick-me-up and this is where bright spring colours come into play. For the ultimate spring inspired makeup look, applying a colour which you wouldn’t usually will add a fresh pop of colour to your style. Even with an otherwise plain makeup look, a great lipstick colour will totally transform your style.

What’s great about a statement lipstick is that it is noticeable right away and instantly becomes the centre of attention, meaning that your other makeup choices can be quite plain. If you don’t want to go too bold, then you can always add a blush pink or dusty rose coloured lipstick to freshen up your makeup or to add some colour after the winter months.

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