3 Common Mistakes Made When Christmas Party Planning

Clare Cherry

Posted on November 04 2019

2 glasses of champagne with festive decorations, an essential for Christmas party planning!

The Christmas party season is almost upon us. Whether you’re toasting the festive season with a no-expense-spared Christmas extravaganza or having a modest brunch with friends, when it comes to Christmas party planning, there is always some form of mistake to be made.

From booking the wrong entertainment to not ordering enough vegetarian options for the meal, each year it seems that there is always something which goes wrong. Christmas party planning is not for the faint-hearted and often requires a lot of preparation months in advance, so in order to avoid making the same mistake as last year, here are some of the most common mistakes made when Christmas party planning. 

Not Sticking To The Budget

If you’ve been given a budget for your Christmas party, then you must stick to it. You want to get the best value for the event as possible and, even though you may not want to some of the time, this does mean adhering to the budget you have. Overspend, and you’ll look like you aren’t responsible. Underspend and it’ll look like you’re not really that interested. 

There’s a fine line between the two and when it comes to Christmas party planning, you need to carefully consider what’s going to make it a great evening and often, budgeting correctly can be the difference between a good Christmas party and an amazing one. 

Not Taking Risks

No one is an expert in Christmas party planning - what works for your group may not necessarily work for others. However, this is no excuse for booking a failsafe option in order to minimise stress and avoid disappointment.

At the end of a long year, whether you’re organising your work’s Christmas party or one for your friends, you all want to relax and have fun, so try to incorporate something a little different and interesting. This could be anything from a Christmas Murder Mystery to having our glitter and makeup artists help you get ready before you head out, try to have a few surprises hidden up your sleeve for the event!

Leaving It Until The Last Minute

We’re all busy, so it’s understandable that some things get forgotten about or are left until the last minute. However, if you’ve been put in charge of Christmas party planning then you’ve likely had a while to think about your options. Christmas parties aren’t exactly surprise events, but it is surprising just how many decisions are made in the final countdown to the day. 

The festive season is a peak time for many bands, performers and entertainers, so by making bookings last minute you risk being disappointed or getting poor value for your budget. Remember - the best acts will have been booked up months in advance. 

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