Men, Here’s How To Get A Full Glitter Beard

Clare Cherry

Posted on November 30 2018

man with a purple glitter beard

First, there were beard ornaments, then beard-growing contests and now there are full glitter beards! Possibly one of the biggest trends for men at a festival or gig is to have a glitter beard, creating a full glitter beard is extremely fun and easy to do and it can be done in just a few minutes.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up with different glitter textures and colours - if you want to create a wow factor, you need to go all out! If you’re ready to embrace the trend, be warned - you may be finding glitter everywhere for the next few days!


Achieve a glitter beard


Step One: Styling Your Beard

If you have managed to grow an impressive beard, then you’re probably aware of the beard-care steps that you need to take to maintain it. Whether you’re a beard oil or beard butter kind of guy, this step is important in creating the perfect full glitter beard. Generously apply your chosen product to your beard and shape with a comb. The product is going to help the glitter stick completely to your beard and make it easier to remove.


Step Two: Mixing the Glitter

Firstly, you need to take a small bit of glitter adhesive gel and mix it with some glitter. Use a large brush to mix the mixture together on a small plate or on the back of your hand.


Step Three: Applying The Glitter To Your Beard

Use a brush to then apply the glitter all over your beard. It’s best to start off with a base colour and then add a couple more over the top to create a really dazzling look. You might need to put a few layers on to make your beard really sparkle. Once you have achieved the right level of glitteriness, let the glitter mix dry for a few minutes. When it’s dry, you’re all set to party!


Step Four: Removal

You’ve had your fun and partied the evening away, and now it’s (sadly) time to remove the glitter from your beard. Use a gentle baby or makeup wipe to remove the majority of the excess glitter. Then, use a little shampoo to completely wash the beard and get rid of any last little bits of glitter. If your beard still has a lot of glitter in it, then try using a little bit of conditioner to loosen the glitter. If you’re still struggling to remove it, then repeat the steps as many times as needed.


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