DIY: 4 Of The Best Beauty Hacks

Clare Cherry

Posted on February 11 2019

best beauty hacks makeup brush with glass pot of pink powdered makeup

From smudged eyeliner to frizzy flyaways, there are plenty of obstacles which can get in our way whilst we’re getting ready. If you’ve tried plenty of techniques but not quite found the one which works for you, then these 4 best beauty hacks are sure to help you, whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or just looking for a hack to save you some time in the mornings whilst getting ready for work.

As well as saving time, these tips can help you to save money on beauty products, use less of the ones you already have and get the most out of each product you own.

4 Of The Best Beauty Hacks

Three Is The Magic Number

Shading and highlighting your face is one of the best ways to achieve a red carpet-ready look, but it can be complicated if you’re not sure what you are doing. Instead of trying to copy complicated facial maps, use the “magic three” technique which is one of the best beauty hacks to know when it comes to contouring and highlighting.

Once you’ve applied your foundation, get your bronzer brush prepared with your bronzer of choice. Starting with the left-hand side of your forehead, draw a reverse number 3 done the side of your face, nipping it in at the cheekbone area halfway between your nose and temple and then from the jawline to just below the corner of your mouth. Then, repeat on the other side. This technique allows you to apply bronzer to places which would naturally be more exposed to the sun. Follow this up with a hint of highlighter on your cheekbones.

DIY Toner For Oily Skin

If you suffer from dry skin and frequently get oily patches, then you’ll be more than aware that no product can care for both at the same time.

To make your own toner, simply mix one tablespoon of tea tree oil with a cup of warm water and add to a clean spray bottle. To use, spray onto a cotton wool pad and wipe over your face. If you have normal or combination skin, try adding some green tea into the mix. Just brew a cup according to the package instructions and add to the spray bottle. This DIY toner is known for being one of the best beauty hacks for skincare.

Tame Frizzy Hair

If you have naturally thick or curly hair, then you’ll know the struggle of keeping it smooth and soft in humid weather. If you’re out and about and the frizz begins to strike and you don’t have any hair products with you, then use hand cream. Apply a small amount to your hands as usual and run your fingers lightly through your hair, starting from the back.

Using Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works for a number of different beauty and skincare issues and has become a wonder product in recent years. From conditioning hair masks to makeup brush cleansing, there’s nothing that coconut oil hasn’t been used for. If you struggle to find a cleanser or makeup remover which can effectively remove stubborn makeup, then coconut oil is the perfect product.

Just add a small amount onto a cotton wool pad and wipe it over makeup to quickly remove. This beauty hack is ideal for gently removing our cosmetic glitter and stubborn lipstick, as it gently lifts the product away from the skin.

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