Black Eyeliner: A Guide To Application and Wearing

Kelly White

Posted on March 23 2020

A woman applying black eyeliner in a compact mirror

Black eyeliner is one of the most popular cosmetic products - almost everyone has a black eyeliner as part of their makeup and cosmetic collection. As they say, eyes are the window to the soul and they are one of the most captivating facial features, meaning that your eye makeup choices should enhance your eyes and give them the impact and definition that they deserve, rather than take away. 

When applied properly, eyeliner, and black eyeliner in particular, can really perk up your eyes, but when used incorrectly, it can make your eyes appear smaller and affect the look of the rest of your makeup. So, here is a guide to applying and wearing black eyeliner. 

Consider Using Other Colours

Although black eyeliner is the most popular, there is actually a whole range of eyeliner colours and shades available which can really boost your eye colour and brighten your face. Brown eyeliner is less harsh than black eyeliner and creates a softer and subtle look. Green is also a good colour to choose as it can bring out the natural colour of your eyes, whilst nude or white eyeliner works well on the lower lid and creates a fresh and awake appearance. 

However, black eyeliner is good if you want to create one of the classic eyeliner looks, such as the 60s cat-eye or create a defined flick from the corner of your eyes, as no other eyeliner colour can create the same stylish and classic looks.

Use The Right Tool For Your Style

No matter your eyeliner colour, the tool is what really matters when applying eyeliner. With pencils, liquid liners, brushes and even stamps, there are so many different ways of applying eyeliner and all create different looks. 

With pencils, avoid using dull and flat tips as these will only make for messy application. Keep your eyeliner pencil sharpened, as you want a smooth and precise application, which blunt pencils can’t create. When it comes creating classic styles, you might want to use a liquid black eyeliner, which almost looks like a felt tip pen. With a wider point and a thinner texture than a pencil, these are easier to applier than black eyeliner pencils when you want a thicker style, such as for a classic cat-eye. 

Brushes are becoming more popular when it comes to applying eyeliner, as they can get closer to the lash line. They are also the more hygienic choice for makeup artists, or if you’re using different colours of eyeliner, as they can be washed and sterilised before use. 

Don’t Apply Too Much On Your Bottom Eyelid 

Like a lot of things in life, you can have too much of a good thing and the same saying applies to eyeliner, particularly if you are applying too much on your lower lid. Overdoing your eyeliner on the lower part of the eye, especially if you use thick lines, can make your eyes look small, rather than doing what eyeliner is supposed to do, which is enhance them. 

With thick bottom, eyeliner, you are more likely to get the dreaded under-eye smudges, particularly if you use black eyeliner. Avoid using too much black eyeliner on your lower lids, or if you want to create a thicker look, use a light brown or taupe shade instead. You should also avoid using a liquid liner on your bottom lid, as it is likely to be too dense and may smudge much easier.

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