5 Ways You Can Liven Up Your Christmas Party Reception

Clare Cherry

Posted on November 18 2019

People at a Christmas party reception with a Christmas tree in the foreground

Tis’ the season for mince pies, gift-giving and the annual work Christmas party reception. December is a busy month and spending an evening with your work colleagues could be a festive highlight when planned properly.

You want to attend a Christmas party that is full of cheer and fun, rather than one which you can’t wait to leave. However, there are a few ways that you can liven up your Christmas party and add some festive fun for you and your colleagues with a little planning.

Find A New Location For Your Christmas Party Reception

Although it’s cheap and convenient, there is nothing worse than having a Christmas party at your office. You spend the majority of your week there, so having a little break from the office won’t do you any harm and you’re likely to get on better with your colleagues. Find a new bar to visit after work one night, enjoy a meal at a fancy restaurant or even look for a Christmas event that you can all get glammed up for.

Employee Award Ceremonies

Everyone loves winning, and no Christmas party is complete without a fun, and slightly awkward, employee awards ceremony. Whether you stay traditional with the categories or go slightly more unconventional, think of things that are unique to your working environment. If you want to go even further, you could print out certificates and buy some plastic medals to hand out to the winners.

Arrange Hair and Makeup 

If you’ve already got your Christmas party planned, then why not arrange for something a little extra to help get your team ready for the night ahead. If you’re heading to a fancy Christmas reception, then here at Wish Upon A Sparkle, we can visit your office beforehand and get your team looking Christmas-party ready in no time with our wide range of corporate services. From hair and makeup to glitter bars, help your coworkers cut out some of the stress of getting ready with our expert services and, not only will you have some great memories, but everyone can get involved too!

Add A Fun Theme

Although not everyone’s idea of fun, adding a theme to your Christmas party will allow people to dress up and completely switch off from their everyday look and style. Encourage everyone to dress up and include some kind of novelty prize or incentive for the best costumes. Whether you go for an 80s, Hawaiian or Christmas theme, people will love looking for something a little different at a time where there is a lot of stress.

Make A Day Of It

If you’re heading out in the evening after work, you risk some employees not turning up. It’s nearing the end of the year and people are likely to be tired and ready for a much-welcome break. Combining a few festive events together in one day is a sure-fire way to keep everyone interested and in the Christmas spirit.

Plan a Christmas jumper competition in the morning, followed by some hot drinks and mince pies in the afternoon. You could even get rid of the working day completely and enjoy a few festive games and a Secret Santa gift exchange. When you reach your Christmas party reception, your coworkers will be ready to enjoy the evening rather than being stressed after a full day at work and wrapping everything up before Christmas.

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