5 Must-Have Festival Beauty Products

Clare Cherry

Posted on July 04 2019

Girl applying glitter to her face, which is on the the must have festival beauty products

Festival season is well and truly underway and unless you’re going VIP and are planning to glamp rather than camp, then it is fair to say that summer festivals are hardly the most glamorous of events. Late nights, dehydration, lack of showers - these things don’t exactly lead to having glowing skin and fresh hair. 

Whether you’re a festival newbie or a regular attendee, then there are some things which you just can’t go without to keep you feeling fresh throughout the weekend. When it comes to your hair and makeup, then you may just want to go au naturel, but if you want to maintain some sort of style during the festival, having some of these festival beauty products will keep you looking good all weekend long. 

Face Wipes Over Fash Wash

When it comes to festivals, there is a very slim chance that you’re going to want to embrace the shower or washing facilities once you catch a glimpse of them. Not only that, but the queues can be ridiculously long, so it may be worth making some swaps for the weekend. Face wipes are ideal for almost anything, from cleaning your face to wiping up spills in your tent, so take a pack or two of biodegradable wipes with you. 

Dry Shampoo Is A Must

Much like swapping face wash for face wipes, dry shampoo is likely to become a much-loved festival beauty product of yours for the duration of the festival. If you want to avoid the white chalky leftovers that come with many dry shampoos, invest a little more into one which matches your hair colour or go for a brightly coloured one. If you want to distract away from your unwashed hair, then braids are also a great idea - especially because you can add glitter to them for a little extra shimmer! 

SPF Smart

Whilst you may be stood in a field in the middle of the British summertime, that doesn’t mean that you won’t get sunburnt. If applying SPF isn’t already part of your daily skincare routine, then a facial moisturiser which also contains SPF protection is essential when it comes to festival beauty products. You should also pack a suncream which you can apply to the rest of your body, but as you won’t be able to properly wash it off at the end of the day, you run the risk of feeling extra grimy. Choose a lightweight spray which can be quickly applied and isn’t sticky. 

Glitter Hides Everything

After 4 days of late nights and dirt, your skin can start to look a little tired. Glitter is one must-have when it comes to festival beauty products as it can hide everything from dirt and eye bags to greasy roots, so a pot or two of this in your backpack is a great investment. Bright colours work well for festivals, obviously, but don’t be afraid to mix and match different colours. Be sure to pack a glitter glue to make sure that it sticks!

Lip Balm Is A Saviour

Apart from the obvious use, lip balm can be used for almost anything at a festival, so if it isn’t on your list of must-have festival beauty products, then you need to add it! Lip balm can smooth down fly away or static hair, act as a barrier against blisters, remove stubborn eye makeup or apply your glitter makeup. It doesn’t take up much room in your bag, so it is perfect for festivals. 

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