3 Things To Remember When You Book A Wedding Venue

Clare Cherry

Posted on October 14 2019

When you book a wedding venue, then this beautiful river-side wedding venue, set up with chairs and flowers, is something that many people aspire to have.

If you have recently gotten engaged, then a lot of your time is probably now going to be spent searching for your perfect wedding venue. When it comes to choosing what sort of venue you would like for your wedding, and then going on to book your wedding venue, there are some things you should remember before doing so. 

Anyone who has previously searched for a wedding venue will tell you that you’ll likely spend plenty of time talking with the people at the venue and your other half, but you will walk away with what seems like hundreds of different questions that you should have asked. When you book a wedding venue, you’ll likely be spending a large sum of your wedding budget, so you want to make sure everything is right and perfect for your big day. 

What Kind Of Ceremony You Want

Every couple is different, so your ceremony will naturally reflect the two of you as a couple. Whether you’re religious, laidback or traditional, you should always check with your venue as to the ceremony types they offer way before you book a wedding venue. Some venues aren’t licensed to hold certain types of ceremonies, so you should always check in advance in case you need to change your plans. 

Remember, your wedding day is about you as a couple, so as much as it may cause some issues, try to avoid letting external influences, such as family members, impact on your day. Be sure to ask which rooms are licensed to hold ceremonies, if there any other locations you could use for non-legal ceremonies and whether or not you are allowed to use confetti. 

Food and Drink

Each venue is uniquely different, so their rules and requirements for food and drink will vary. Before you book a wedding venue, you absolutely must check their general guidelines regarding food and drink at weddings. Some wedding venues charge a corkage fee, which can greatly increase the spend, so try and avoid this if you can. When you come to book a wedding venue, you can determine which types of alcohol the venue will provide on the day and times of the bar. 

In terms of food, you should check what time the meal will be served and whether you will need to cater for special dietary requirements, which you must inform the kitchen of when you book a wedding venue. Depending on how many guests you will have for your wedding breakfast and for your evening celebrations, it might be that you need to pay additional for extra bar or waiting staff. 

The Wedding Party

After getting to grips with the ceremony formalities, you need to know everything about the space for your wedding party. Depending on your plans for the evening celebrations, the amount of space you need might differ. If you are planning on having a band, then you need to know where the band will set up and how big the dancefloor is going to be, as well as the route that the band will have to take in order to set-up. 

Photo booths, specialist food vendors and party entertainment will also need to know where they will be setting up and whether or not they can set up before the ceremony. When you book a wedding venue, you must also ensure that you check what the capacity is for your evening guests, as this could be slightly different to the numbers allowed by the venue in the day. 

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